The case numbers below only represent the cases confirmed by Ravalli County Health. With some families taking home tests, the numbers might not completely represent the current numbers. As we get the confirmed cases from the county, they will be added to this site daily. Please note that due to confidentiality, specific details of positive cases will not be given. Please contact Mr. Rayburn if you have any questions about this page. Please contact your family care provider with questions about symptoms and testing.

FCSD Positive Cases as of 9/24/2021 (It should be noted the numbers below represent the positive cases since school started on September 13th.) Some of these active cases have already gone through their 10-day isolation and have returned to school.

New Confirmed Cases:

10/13/2021: No new cases reported

10/12/2021: No new cases reported

10/11/2021: No new cases reported

10/7/2021: Grades K-5: 1 new case

10/6/2021: New new cases reported by RCPH

10/5/2021: Grades K-5: 1 new case

10/4/2021: No new cases reported

10/1/2021: No new cases reported

9/30/2021: Grades 6-8: 1 new case

9/29/2021: Grades 6-8: 1 new case

9/28/2021: No new cases confirmed by RCPH

9/27/2021: Grades K-5 = 1, Grades 6-8 = 1

9/24/2021: Grades K-5 = 10 cases, Grades 6-8 = 0 cases, Grades 9-12 = 2 cases.

Recommendations for when Exposed to Covid-19

Recommendations for Rapid Home Testing

Isolation Instructions

ESSER III Review Summary

Safe Return to School Plan