Senior Spotlight Weekly Segment

Happy first week of May! For this weeks Senior Spotlight segment,  we celebrate Seniors Keegan Reed and Aidan Tollefson.

Keegan Reed

Keegan plans on going to work for his dad's logging company after graduation, and one of his life goals is to be there to take over when his dad retires. His advice for underclassmen is to do your work and enjoy high school because it goes by pretty fast. 

 Aidan Tollefson

One of Aidan's life goals is to be successful and rich and happy and maybe settle down and have a family some day. He plans on working for his uncle after high school, then going to college for a couple of years. Another possibility is the police academy. Aidan's advice for underclassmen is to show up to school every day and get your work done or you'll regret it!