Senior Spotlight time!

This week we honor Seniors Josie Miller and Jayden Hendrickson.

Josie has plans on attending the University of Montana and majoring in English. She has already written two novels and plans on writing many more, so naturally one of her life goals is to become a bestselling author!

Her advice for underclassmen is to learn how to wing it, because life rarely goes as planned (as we've seen this year). Putting a ton of emphasis on planning can be really stressful and not always worth it in the long run. Having goals is one thing, but trying to plan out your entire life is another. That said, do some research on scholarships sooner rather than later. It means more than you'd think.

After finishing high school, Jayden plans on attending Montana State University's nursing program. A life goal of hers is to travel the world! Jayden's advice for underclassmen is to always be grateful for the time you have, because it goes by quick. Be kind, have fun, and always live in the moment.

Josie Miller

Jayden Hendrickson